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First surprise of this year



The latest project we have complete is one that can measure time, a stopwatch. Previously known as a stop-timer, first built in 1843. These stop timers were not as accurate as today's stopwatches. Our stopwatch is accurate to within 1 millisecond, which is ideal for any use such as; learning, fun, and even in sports.

Our Plans For The New Year



We are pleased to inform that our greatest success last year was Little Painter. This year is about change. We plan to release a new update for Little Painter.

Little Painter 2.0 released



We have provided further versions of our sensational program for painting for children and we look forward to your next proposal of new features. We think that the new features and modifications Little Painter v2.0 has made the program easier and more functional.

A Summer adventure with Learning For Kids



In the summer, our website doesn't run out of activities for children. We prepare a wide variety of new products, among them we have a new surprise that will provide great entertainment and excitement, along with creating happy parents.

Introducing software Little Painter v1.0



Here we launch our little surprise, it's a sensational painting program for children called Little Painter. The program has been created to help parents who are bringing up children who are fond of painting.

New Year full of surprises



Thank you all for showing such a great interest in our website, fanpage and our children's programs. Since the beginning of the site we have recived a lot of positive feedback and congratulations, which makes us very happy and motivated to continue the development of LearningForKids.net.

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Dolphins sleep with one eye open

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