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A Summer adventure with Learning For Kids


In the summer, our website doesn't run out of activities for children. We prepare a wide variety of new products, among them we have a new surprise that will provide great entertainment and excitement, along with creating happy parents.

We are also planning to introduce the opening of individual accounts, to allow you to collect points that will be exchangeable for prizes. Points will be distributed not only on the site, but also for the new programs and social games. We ask our fans; please be patient.

We would also like to thank you for your kind wishes and helpful tips towards to the program Little Painter. Along with all this good news, we are preparing a new version of Little Painter v2.0. In this newer and improved version we will try to include as many improvements and suggestions as possible. We are still open to new proposals and suggestions, if you have any feel free to get in contact. We hope future versions of this project will be well known and appreciated by children and parents alike, around the world.
With us, everything is and always will be free. The only support we ask from you is to recommend us to your friends, along with liking our fanpage on Facebook:

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The fastest fish is the sailfish. It can swim as fast as car travels on the highway

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