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LearningForKids.net was created for Christmas 2013 for children to provide a good development in maths and proper start in education, along with entertainment for them. Our primary goal is to provide parents and their children a service that will facilitate learning, fun and only provide acess to safe pages for children. Our page, products and materials have been adequately addressed and tested for children of an early age. We try to add to the service as much possible and will post updated information on new products on the site.

Who are we?
We are people who have a great interest in developing a good education for children from an early age. We do our best to ensure that the site we have hosted and its content will have a good qulaity standard, to be maintained and developed into the future.

How can you help this service?
Anyone can help this service and the development of the site by promoting it and recommending it to others. Letting us know of any proposals, suggestions of new studys, programmes or any additional content that could appear on LearningForKids.net is encouraged. This can be done under "Contact Us".

Polish version of the site: Nauka dla dzieci - http://www.naukadladzieci.net/

Contact Us
Contact information can be obtained in the "Contact Us" available at: http://www.learningforkids.net/contact/

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The averaged size tree can provide enough wood to make 170,000 pencils

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